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Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, infused with qualities such as kindness, curiosity and acceptance. By being mindful we learn to live in the present moment in an enjoyable way, rather than worrying about the past or concerned about the future.


The past has already gone so can’t be changed. The future is yet to arrive and is completely unknown. Mindfulness shows us how to live in this moment in a harmonious way and how to make the present moment more wonderful by stopping to see, think, feel, taste, smell and listen to ourselves and the world around us.


Well-being benefits of practicing mindfulness;

Relaxing the body.

Calming the mind.

Managing thoughts, feelings and emotions in a more focused way.

Boosting the immune system.

Reducing pain.

Stress reduction.

Greater resilience.

Improved relationships.

Greater confidence and self -esteem.

Ability to have better quality sleep.

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