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When Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness can help.

Imagine life is you driving in your car on the motorway. The journey can be easy, busy, stressful. As you travel on the motorway things start to impact on your journey; bad weather, warning lights, other drivers but you don’t stop off at the services, even though you know you should. You are tired, frustrated and irritable. The warning lights continue to flash but you avoid them until eventually you are lost, you feel as if you are going round in circles and eventually your car grinds to a halt. 

Therapy is me joining you on your car journey. I am going to help you navigate. I will teach you to stop off at the services in order to give yourself the time and space to evaluate what is going on for you and to look at ways in which we can make your journey easier.


At times in therapy our car may become sluggish, we may run out of petrol but together we can make it work. We may need to try a different route, one that may be bumpy to start with but as long as you are willing to give it a go, we can reach your final destination.

You have to make sure that I am the right navigator for you. You can’t share a car with somebody you don’t feel comfortable with and wouldn’t want to share your sweets!

So have a look at my web site. Contact me to organize a free phone assessment. Then take some time to decide if you think we are compatible to car share. 

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